Sunday, November 28

Net puzzles: Perfect miniature world

“There is nothing small in the world, it depends on the point of view” – this quote is attributed to the German pharmacist and company founder August Oetker. The Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka sees it very similarly. On his website he writes: “Broccoli and parsley sometimes look like trees – and leaves floating on the surface of the water look like small boats. Everyday occurrences, viewed from a miniature perspective, can give us many entertaining moments. “

Since April 2011 Tanaka has actually been designing a remarkable diorama every day, in which he artfully stages, illuminates and professionally photographs objects, food, plants and many other things. On his website All of these works of art can be viewed – and there are wonderful things to see: for example an airplane made of a radish and apple slices, including tiny passengers and baggage vehicles, or a hairdresser who uses a pipe as a dryer hood. In Tanaka’s miniature world, an ice cream stick becomes a springboard and a matchbox becomes a concert grand piano. The most pleasant thing about the gallery: a new picture is added every day. More beautiful – and lower in calories – than many Advent calendars. By the way, you can have an analog version of the calendar shipped to Germany for a certain amount of postage.

Now our riddle: In which Dutch city is the largest 360-degree screen panorama in Europe located? Please send your proposed solution to [email protected]

The closing date for entries is November 24, 2021, 9 p.m. In the past week “Sciece Aler” would have been one of many possible correct solutions, the winner was notified in writing.

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