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Lorraine Kelly attacks Meghan Markle by saying it looks like moths have eaten her top – archyde

Talking about Meghan Markle’s recent appearance on the Ellen Show, Lorraine Kelly jokes that her top looked like there were “moths on her sleeves”.

The Duchess of Sussex’s surprise interview with Ellen DeGeneres aired on Wednesday, where she talked about everything from the family’s Halloween plans to a secret night she once dressed up with Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie.

In Lorraines’ show today (November 20), however, the 61-year-old presenter gave some thought to Meghan’s outfit choice.

Regarding Meghan’s choice of a white blouse with cut-out sleeves, Lorraine said, “I’ll tell you what else makes people talk – it’s Meghan’s outfit.

Lorraine Kelly commented on Meghan’s outfit choice on her show
(Image: ITV)

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

“I thought she looked absolutely stunning, even though it looks like there were moths on her sleeves! Big moths in the Ellen Studio – you don’t get that here! “

Lorraine also had some thoughts on Meghan’s prank on the show – where the Duchess crouched in public and sipped milk from a baby bottle in front of some confused onlookers.

Meghan looked relaxed as she sat down to chat with her buddy
(Image: The Ellen Show)

She said, “I mean, fair play to her for trying. But the reaction is usually when Ant and Dec do it, it’s the public reaction that is really, really funny, ”she said.

“But you can see that they were so intimidated, all of the people there, that they just said ‘yes, yes’ and didn’t react!”

About the reasons why Meghan might have decided to do the interview, Lorraine added: “But yes, interesting. I’m not sure, but I think a lot of it has to do with really wanting to promote her paid parenting campaign for people to be so good to her I think. “

Lorraine struck Harry and Meghan earlier this year
(Image: YouTube)

It comes after Lorraine slammed Harry and Meghan earlier this year and said “we’ve had enough” of the couple’s interviews.

Speaking to Hollywood expert Ross King in June, she said, “No more interviews, please, we’ve had enough.”

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