Lauren Goodger reveals she’s “busy” when daughter Larose comes home from hospital – archyde

Lauren Goodger announced that her daughter Larose has returned home after thanking her followers while she is “busy”.

The former The Only Way Is Essex star, 35, who broke up with boyfriend and little girl dad Charles Drury, took to Instagram to thank her 788,000 followers for “helping me through these tough times” after her little one had been hospitalized with a “serious illness”.

Lauren shared a cute snap with her adorable little girl at Queen’s Hospital Romford when she wrote, “I just wanted to say thank you for the thousands of DMs they are beautiful and I am so grateful for your support through these difficult times with a lot Come on!

“I spent 3 days in the hospital with my little princess. Mama was and will be by your side every day !! We are home now and she is so much better!

Lauren Goodger admits she’s “busy” when daughter Larose returns home

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“I love you more than anything else in the world! Not long until your first Christmas, that’s me and you now my angel … love you. ”

Charles Drury previously stated that his young daughter gave him significant “strength” during his breakup with her mother and TOWIE star Lauren Goodger.

He shared snapshots of the little girl on Instagram in which she wore a particularly adorable romper suit.

The outfit featured details of a cloud design, with the star couple’s followers being able to see that the baby had a full head of hair.

Charles Drury shared a new snap of his young daughter Larose as he said she gave him “strength” amid the split with Lauren Goodger

Charles sent a heartfelt message to the post: “When I feel lost, you will guide me. When I feel weak, you give me strength. When I feel down, you lift me up.

“My girl, my world, my everything,” added the reality TV star.

And the fans showed their support for his public affection:

One person said, “Just lovely. Daddy’s girl. Big hug ”, as another fan wrote:“ Beautiful. ”

Poor Larose was sick in the hospital

Charles then went on, “For our daughter’s sake, things have to be civil, Lauren is” [a] great mom so when it comes to larose we both have her best in hearts so she will still see us both.

“I would appreciate if people could stop being busy and put in their 2p as there is no drama involved here.”

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