Kyle Rittenhouse at the latest – Victims’ families could sue teenagers after a non-guilty verdict after the Kenosha shooting trial – archyde


The judge overseeing Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial came under fire Wednesday after calling a juror “a black” on an earlier case he was presiding over.

Judge Bruce Schroeder explained his decision to Rittenhouse’s decision to select the names of the six jurors who would not join the final 12-person jury from a mug by saying he started the “bad optics” process in a previous case.

He said an employee selected “one black, the black, the only black” from the jury pool in this case.

“There were 13 jurors, one of whom was Black. And when the clerk, the government official, pulled the name out of the mug, it was black, the black, the only black, ”he said during his detailed explanation The independent one.

“There was nothing wrong with that, everything was fine, but what are you talking about – optics these days … That was a bad optic, I thought,” he said.

“I think people feel better when they are in control, so since then I have had an almost universal policy of choosing the accused.”

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