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Like it is circulating on social media Instagram, where there is an incident that people can fly when they are on the moon of Saturn

NASA engineer Janelle Wellons claims that Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, could be home to humans. Wellon recently shared this on Reddits.

Titan, he said, has 14 percent of the earth’s gravity. So it will feel very different from the earth. But its dense atmosphere would make life easier than the thin air of Mars or the moon.

“Titan is Saturn’s largest moon, bigger than the planet Mercury, so I think we can be content with a lot of space. So close that we can literally put our wings in our hands and fly this month, ”he wrote.

Titan is the only place other than Earth known to have fluid in the form of lakes and seas on its surface. “This liquid is made up of methane, but with the right protective equipment, a human could theoretically swim without harming himself.”

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These properties of titanium explain why Wellons believes titanium is habitable to humans, but there are also some aspects that are less attractive to him. Titan, for example, has an average temperature of -179 ° C because it is far from the sun.

It took years to get there in which astronauts had to endure radioactive waves from the sun, weightlessness and a lot of pressure. Nonetheless, titanium appears to be a popular future target among scientists, and astrophysicist Brian Cox is also optimistic about the possibility.

This post on the social media Instagram, in which an incident is reported in which people are airworthy, was shared via the Instagram social media account of @ seputar.netizen (November 19, 2021). After all, the post got around 2 thousand likes

@ catto.sama: “Which moon is the satellite? “

@anaheimgndm: “So you know Min like you’ve been there”

@stuck_in_the_door :“ Satellit? “


@irshanreinalddggg: “If there is no air it will not increase by 10,000 RPM.”

@shawnaprilio: “Turns out to be a colossal Titan on Saturn”

@pipiot__: “Have you been there before? “


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