Drastic proposal from a Spanish virologist with those who refuse to be vaccinated – archyde

the Virologe Luis Enjuanes is behind that Spanish CSIC vaccine, the first inhaled vaccine and that comes by 2022. During the World Pandemic Forum in Madrid, he spoke out in favor of introducing restrictions only for unvaccinated people.

“If you don’t get vaccinated, you won’t be able to go to public centers and Spanish Social Security shouldn’t cover your treatment if the virus causes health problems.”, Statements that are gaining momentum in more and more sectors and in more countries, with restrictive measures for this group that endangers others.

Epidemiological situation in Spain

In Spain89% of the Spanish target population have the full vaccination schedule; 90.7% have a dose Dates that put Spain at the forefront of Europe. A fact highlighted by Health Minister Carolina Darias, who said Friday that around 60% of patients admitted to intensive care units are patients who have not been vaccinated.

He has also made it clear that “the territorial distribution is not exactly the same” and in some municipalities where this data is “above and in others below” there are logical data that take into account the population differences in the different municipalities.

The pandemic of the unvaccinated

“The pandemic Spain is now experiencing is that of the unvaccinated,” the Spanish virologist said in an interview with RNE, who also added that officials should be vaccinated. “If you don’t get vaccinated, you can’t work for the government,” a policy already in place in the US for teachers, the military and the police.


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