Clashes and protests in Brussels. 40 arrests overnight in Holland – Welt – nach Welt

During a protest against anti-Covid measures in Brussels, clashes occurred in which around 35,000 people took part. The protest reportedly started peacefully, but after a group of protesters threw objects at the police, officers used water cannons and tear gas to disperse them.

Five injured police officers and at least 40 arrests in three provinces are the victims of the second night of clashes during the anti-lockdown protests in the Netherlands. This is what the international media report. The Dutch authorities used water cannons, dogs and mounted policemen to stop the rebel youths who started fires and pelted the officers: five of them were injured in The Hague, where most arrests were recorded. Further riots occurred in two cities in the southern province of Limburg, in the city of Urk and in the northern province of Flevoland.

Another fight night on Friday

The violent protests against restrictions resulted in 51 arrests and 7 injured. In the early morning, not only the community, but also the operators of bars and shops swept away the remains of the night clashes between police and protesters, which shocked large parts of the country. “It was an orgy of violence, there is no other way to describe what happened,” says Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb. The fact is that the demonstration was heralded as peaceful and was part of a series of protests that are said to have included Amsterdam and the southern city of Breda the next day, today. But something went wrong on the Coolsingel, the major thoroughfare that connects the train station with the center of Rotterdam. Shortly after 7 p.m., as bars and restaurants prepared to close due to the new anti-Covid rules introduced a week ago by Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the protest turned into violence.

“Whose fault was it?” Asks one of the country’s leading newspapers, De Telegraaf. According to the authorities, the demonstrators included several intruders who fired heavy fireworks, burned and damaged cars in the heart of the city. Very young people and right-wing groups from different parts of the country or connected to the ultras of Feyenoord, the most popular team among the inhabitants, born over a hundred years ago in the southern part of Rotterdam of the same name, one of the most difficult. Yes, because behind the projected image of a city with sustainable and electric mobility in one of the largest ports in the world hides a soul in turmoil, consisting of massive immigration, inequalities, illegal trade and “gabber”, the hardcore music, who was born here in the nineties. But the police were also charged with the Coolsingel riots.
“They shot at eye level,” is the thesis that is circulating in the protesters’ chats. Two of the seven injured were taken to hospital overnight.

The police opened an investigation against the two injured demonstrators. But there are also injured in the police force, luckily easy. And the Rotterdam guerrillas have kind of scared the anti-Covid Dutch citizens, in the trenches, since the government filtered out that the ‘2G’ rule will soon apply in the country, which excludes those who take the test from different public places but he’s not vaccinated (or cured). In Amsterdam, the big demonstration announced in the last few days has been canceled. But hundreds marched in the Rokin, in the center, in a peaceful manner, as happened in Breda. “These are protests that were a group of idiots from Rotterdam,” explains a Dutchman, however, against the new squeeze.


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