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Brendan Grace’s wife, Eileen, recalls the moment they were told his cancer was incurable – archyde

Brendan Grace’s wife, Eileen, remembers the moment he was told that his cancer was incurable.

The cheerful comedian asked to be left alone when his oncologist brought him the devastating news.

“Brendan was sitting on the edge of the bed. He just got into bed and somehow got into the fetal position, ”she said.

“And I could hear his breathing change. It was panicked. “

Eileen and daughter Amanda comforted Brendan, but he asked them to give him a few minutes to be alone.

“He just had to be alone to record it.”

Brendan Grace and family in RSVP magazine
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When they returned to the room, Eileen said that there was “sadness and grief” in the eyes of her beloved husband.

“The three of us hugged and cried and said we’d get through this,” she told the Sunday independent.

“He thought of us all. “How is Eileen coping with it? What about the kids? ‘ But this evening it is as if he had settled it with God himself. You could see it. He handed everything over.

“Because Brendan was always in control – over himself, his business, his career. Always in control. And this was the first time he knew he was out of control.

“Brendan was the kind of person who always gave you options.

“And this was the first time in his life that there was no option.

“He sat up and said, ‘Well, that’s it – it’s out of my hand now. But I’ll enjoy the time I have here. ‘”

Brendan Grace and Mrs. Eileen. Pictures: VIPIRELAND.COM

Eileen will be opening an exhibition this week dedicated to the iconic career of Irish comics.

The memorabilia, including Brendan’s Fr Fintan Stack and Bottler customers and his Yamaha motorcycle, are on display at the Newbridge Silverware Museum in Kildare.

Brendan died in July 2019 at the age of 68 after a lung battle Krebs.

In the months after his death, Eileen described the family’s last meal together in a moving interview on the Late Late Show.

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she said Ryan Tubridy : “We had Chinese [takeaway] in the hospital. Yes, that was on Sunday. He had been told that Friday that his time was near.

“We didn’t know that until Monday, so we didn’t hear it until after that. When he sat down with us to eat that evening, he knew his time was closer than we knew. “

“We set it up in a cafeteria. Mam went out and got balloons and plates and we put all the tables together and we put it up and it was the last time he walked down the hall with us, ”added daughter Melanie.

“We didn’t know that at the time and we all just sat at the table and ate a big Chinese meal. We talked, we cried and we laughed and considered it the last supper. “


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