Bílá po Slavík defeated: WORDS FOR THE END – After the world

“Above all, I decided to keep my fingers crossed for the others who are now affected because I am satisfied with my nightingale aviary. If no one has arrived, I’m really very satisfied, ”she said earlier White iDnes.cz. It is therefore clear that he wishes his younger colleague every success. Even so, she reacted sadly to Zlatý Slavík as such.

Lucie Bílá at the premiere of the film Karel: Singing Kája over the coffin was very difficult!

“I actually have a little nightingale inside of me. Not just with his twenty nightingales, but above all Karl Gott. Because if someone is a nightingale, it’s Karel Gott. “ She added.

Lucie Bílá: I cannot command love, it does what it wants with me



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