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Dagbladet revealed Thursday when the Kuben school in Oslo failed to reach the education agency for many hours after one of its students was stabbed. The emergency telephone was also not answered.

The police now regard the stabbing as attempted murder.

Dagbladet was also able to report that the school had not received an offer of crisis aid when the headmistress Marte Gerhardsen contacted them by email six hours after the crisis had occurred.

Nevertheless, Gerhardsen informed the city council two days later that there had been very good communication between her agency and the school.

Gerhardsen regretted giving false information to the city council when Dagbladet brought them up on the case.

– No trust

Dagbladet has been around for a long time uncovered a number of critical issues at the Oslo School and the Oslo City Council for Education.

Now the cup is full for Frp. Aina Stenersen (Frp) says her party has lost all trust in Gerhardsen.

– I myself sat in the committee meeting on Wednesday in the culture and education agency when the director explained the situation at the Kuben school. We believe that there are several cases where the director of the education agency almost misleads the committee and the city council, so we no longer have confidence in education director Marte Gerhardsen, says Stenersen Dagbladet.

Assess your own position

It is not the city council that employs agency managers like Gerhardsen, but Aina Stenersen is now asking the headmistress to reconsider her own position.

It’s the strongest signal she can get.

– This is unacceptable and testifies to a principal unable to run the agency and the Oslo school and unable to control the situation of increasing violence and threats in the Oslo school. It is not the city council that employs the agencies, but we ask that Gerhardsen evaluate his position now, the FRP leadership told Dagbladet.

Marte Gerhardsen regretted not having given correct information about the dialogue during the knife crisis on Thursday.

– When I was on the city council, I wasn’t aware that it took so long for the school to get in touch with us. I apologize for that, says Gerhardsen to Dagbladet.

– Very seriously

Hallstein Bjercke in the Liberal Party also criticizes the headmistress’ handling of the stabbing in cubes and their information to the city council.

– It is the city council I’m referring to, but I use these words: That the city council cannot trust the information of the director of the agency is very serious and should be addressed quickly by the city council. This isn’t the first time this has happened, Bjercke tells Dagbladet.

Oslo school in trouble

The Oslo School was over after Dagbladet’s revelations Wage party, Advisory service and frequent recruitment of new directors on wages in the millions.

Dagbladet recently mentioned the information Thorkildsen had given the city council when a proposal was made to apologize to the abused teacher Clemens Saers. Thorkildsen informed the city council that an attempt had been made to reach a “friendly solution” with Saers, which he refused.

Recently Dagbladet reveal that Gerhardsen used SMS to queue all upper secondary school students in Oslo for vaccines.

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