Zia Chishti joins Afiniti as CEO. back – To the world

Mr Chishti, 50, said Friday that he had “denied all allegations”.

“I don’t think the evidence backs it up,” he said. “But on the contrary.”

Mr. Chishti added that he “deeply supports women in the workplace”.

“One of my priorities is to see that you do absolutely as well as possible,” he said. “Therefore, these allegations are particularly hurtful.”

Ms. Spottiswoode’s testimony also resulted in David Cameron, the former UK Prime Minister, stepping down as chairman of the company’s advisory board. BBC sea.

Mr Cameron said in a statement to the BBC that he understood the allegations were controversial but that he “disagreed with the company’s approach in responding to the matter”.

Mrs. Spottiswoode was one of four women who testified before the committeewho pondered Laws that would abolish compulsory arbitration for victims of sexual assault and harassment. According to the legislature, compulsory arbitration procedures often require that an employee conduct a private proceeding with his employer after he has brought charges of misconduct in the workplace.

The committee agreed on Wednesday 27-to-14 put the bill to the House for a vote. The bill is supported by both parties.


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