Vaccination nationalism is no longer as strong as before: Think-Tank – Nach Welt

Jakarta. Countries are now more willing to campaign for global vaccine access as some have more than half achieved their vaccination goal, making vaccine nationalism no longer as strong as it was before, a think tank founder said at a recent press conference.

Vaccine nationalism is one of the world’s greatest threats in the war on Covid-19.

The problem was evident in the first year of the pandemic when countries first had to think about saving their own populations. Dino Patti Djalal – the founder of the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI) think tank – said vaccine nationalism has been very strong over the past year.

“But I think the mindset will change in the sense that developed countries will feel more confident about their vaccination. Some countries have achieved 70-80 percent vaccination [rate]“Said Dino at a press conference on Friday.

“You feel more secure about your condition now and you are ready to realize that none of us will be completely safe unless the whole world is vaccinated. Vaccination nationalism is less secure in 2021 than it is in 2020, ”he said.

The former diplomat pointed out how countries like the US make vaccine donations to the world’s population. The world is likely to see more brands of vaccine in the future as well.

“Hopefully vaccine internationalism will replace vaccine nationalism,” said Dino.

FPCI’s flagship marathon discussion Global Town Hall will return on Saturday from 8:30 am Jakarta time.

One of the sessions will focus on the challenges of vaccinating the world’s population. Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi is expected to deliver a keynote address.

Panelists at the session include Malaysia’s Minister of Health, Khairy Jamaluddin, and the Director-General of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, George Fu Gao.

And Bruce Aylward, Senior Advisor to the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO). Ayoade Olatunbosun-Alakija, co-chair of the African Vaccine Delivery Alliance (AVDA), will also share her perspective. The panel will be moderated by Tjandra Yoga Aditama, a member of the Covax Independent Allocation of Vaccines Group (IAVG).

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