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Unvaccinated people banned from NLB libraries in Singapore – archyde

SINGAPORE – Beginning December 1, the list of places and events unvaccinated will not be able to enter or attend will be expanded to include National Library Board libraries and select activities at the People’s Association venues.

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In a virtual press conference on Saturday (20.

Resumption of hospital and nursing home visits

Personal visits to hospitals and nursing homes will resume Monday, with expanded measures related to Vaccinated Differentiated Safe Management Measures (VDS) in place.

Such personal visits are only permitted to fully vaccinated hospital or nursing home residents and their visitors.

As a concession, the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced in a press release on Saturday that visits are allowed for patients or residents and visitors who are medically ineligible for a COVID vaccine. “If the patient or resident and / or visitor is not fully vaccinated, face-to-face visits are only allowed in exceptional circumstances, as recommended by the hospitals and homes,” said the MOH.

Regardless of vaccination status, all visitors are subject to pre-visit requirements:

  • Visitors admitted to hospital wards and homes must present a valid negative rapid antigen test (ART) result within the last 24 hours of each visit. All tests are to be financed by the visitor himself.

  • Fully vaccinated or medically unsuitable visitors can choose to have ART administered or monitored by MOH-approved COVID-19 test providers (including tests done in rapid test centers) or an unsupervised, self-administered ART to avoid the pre-visit to meet the obligation to test. Fully vaccinated or medically unsuitable visitors who opt for unsupervised, self-administered ART must provide evidence of a valid ART result. For example, you should provide a time-stamped photo of the dated ART result and photo ID for verification before entering the infirmary or home.

  • In exceptional circumstances, when not fully vaccinated visitors are allowed, hospitals and homes will only accept ARTs administered or monitored by MOH-approved COVID-19 test providers (including tests performed in rapid test centers). Results from unsupervised self-administered ARTs will not be accepted for this group of visitors.

In general, visits are limited to 30 minutes per eligible visitor.

Personal visits to hospitals

Each patient is allowed to register up to two visitors for each admission, with only one bedside visitor allowed, the MOH said. Seriously ill patients are allowed five registered visitors per admission, with two bedside visitors being allowed.

Each patient can receive up to two visits per day, each visit lasting 30 minutes.

A summary of allowed visitors based on vaccination status is given in the table below:

COVID-19: Conditions for personal visits to hospitals from November 22, 2021 (TABLE: MOH)

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COVID-19: Conditions for personal visits to hospitals from November 22, 2021 (TABLE: MOH)

Personal visits to the homes

Each fully vaccinated or medically ineligible resident will be allowed up to four designated fully vaccinated or medically ineligible visitors, with one designated visitor per visit, the MOH announced. Each visit should be limited to 30 minutes.

Visitors should strictly adhere to the security measures in place in the homes, added the ministry.

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