Rockstar apologizes for high quality GTA remaster and restores original versions

Rockstar has apologized for the “unexpected technical issues” related to the recently released GTA remasters. The publisher promises improvements and will put the classic versions online again, but only via its own launcher.

“The updated versions of the classic GTA games have been released in a state that neither meets our own quality standards nor the standards our fans expect.” writes rock star. The company apologizes to the players for this. However, the editor also claims the problems were unexpected, the message introduction reads.

Rockstar promises to address technical issues and improve the three GTA remasters, but specific details are not yet known. “With each scheduled update, the games will reach the level they deserve,” wrote the company. The three separate remasters will be updated “in the coming days”.

Rockstar also speaks out against players who harass developers for the company on social media. The company “kindly please the community” to “have a respectful and civil conversation” about the games “while the issues are resolved”.

Before releasing the GTA remaster, Rockstar pulled the original versions of Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas from digital stores. The publisher now says that these will be available again shortly, but only via the Rockstar Launcher. All players who bought a bundle with GTA remasters or bought before June 30, 2022 will get the classic versions for free.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition was released on November 11th for consoles and PC. Rockstar has outsourced the development of the GTA remasters to Grove Street Games. This studio was also responsible for the earlier mobile versions of the trilogy. There have been a lot of issues with the games since they were released. It contains a lot of bugs on all platforms and the performance is poor. Was also the rock star launcher offline for days after approval.

Digital Foundry wrote in a comprehensive analysis of the GTA III remaster that the game contains numerous issues that are “both hilarious and disappointing”. According to the site, it is unbelievable that the remaster was properly tested before it was released. “The end result is just not good enough,” the website concluded. In addition to reviewers, gamers are also extremely critical of the release. The PC version has a score of 0.5 points from users on Metacritic.

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