Remastered kap a Telltale-fele Sam & Max: Beyond time and space | Hirblock – nach Welt

Sam & Max: Beyond Time & Space, the second season of the point-and-click adventure game series from Telltale Games, is coming in a remastered form so that we can experience the great experience in a more percussive look than ever before.

The game, a sequel to the recently released Sam & Max Save The World Remastered, Debuts on Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, Nintendo Switch, and PC on December 8th. In the new trailer, the wisdom-blessed law enforcement duo present their adventures as they face certain doom.

Season 1 PC owners of Sam & Max got a 50% discount off the purchase of the remaster, but developer Skunkape has announced that Steam will no longer support this type of discount, despite the same promotion planned for this season . To compensate for this, the developer plans to offer a reduced starting price, which has not yet been explained in more detail.

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