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COVID: mandatory vaccination! The sensational news just arrived, it had never happened in Europe (VIDEO)

The news came suddenly, almost like an ice cold shower. On the other hand, given the epidemiological situation of some European countries, it was to be expected that some governors would appear almost like a last resort in the fight against COVID.
It’s aboutCompulsory vaccination for everyone. It is the first time that this has happened in Europe and the first nation to put it into practice will be theAustria, from February 2022.
The Chancellor announced it Alexander Schallenberg, speaking to the media. Besides, the land is will go into lockdown on Monday, November 22nd and that will come true both for the vaccinated, both for the unvaccinated.
These are extreme measures to avoid the fourth wave of infections which has been rampant across the country for some time.

Is Italy also risking something similar? We were the first to introduce mandatory vaccination for health professionals. We have to think about doing it with other categories that are in contact with the public, like the police or those who work in wholesale. These will be assessments we should be making with the data in mind, but we need to be confident about the future and continue to adhere to the rules., he said State Secretary for Health, Andrea Costa.



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