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The province of Antwerp is bright red, especially in the Kempen. In Arendonk, the corona incidence has now risen to 2,915 per 100,000 corona cases, the fourth highest incidence in Flanders. In Rijkevorsel (2,773) and Kasterlee (2,635) it is not much lower. The city of Antwerp Antwerp (998) Boom (957) and Zwijndrecht (924) have the – still high – lowest incidence.

A “toolkit” was sent to mayors last Sunday, a range of possible measures that can be announced locally or provincially, in addition to state tightenings such as face masks and part-time home work.

This concerns, for example, additional sensitization, restriction or suspension of the activities of sports and youth associations, shopping in a limited group, stricter catering rules or, in extreme cases, even a curfew. But after the federal measures on Wednesday, no further measures were taken at the mayor’s meeting on Friday afternoon.

Extremely high

“No provincial measures have now been announced, and no municipal measures either. We will continue to monitor it closely, ”says Cathy Berx afterwards. “The numbers remain extremely high and we hope that the acceleration in the number of infections will slow down and that we will quickly reach an upper limit. That way we can ease the pressure on healthcare. When do we intervene? If the infection rates continue to rise and the pressure does not ease. “

However, the municipalities must closely monitor events and markets. “Some churches are already deleting them with regret. Others take specific organizational measures, such as a Covid pass bracelet per day, as Lier provides. “

ask questions

“I continue to ask residents to follow the basic measures exactly wherever and whenever. Limit your contacts, keep your distance, do things outdoors, put your mask on. I also hope for social control. If a situation is unsafe – tables too close together or poor ventilation – ask questions about it. “

The staff / doctors from the primary care zones also attended the meeting. “You obviously looked very tired. The bureaucracy for them is incredible. I asked the mayors to provide additional administrative staff, as the city of Antwerp, for example, is doing very well. “

Self test

“The systems cannot track: request code, receive result, … Many mayors ask whether citizens who have to wait too long for an official test can continue with self-tests and isolate them if necessary. If people are ready, it is definitely recommended. “

Kristof Hendrickx, Mayor of Arendonk (N-VA)

You are not taking any additional measures in Arendonk for the time being. “The measures go quite far, in the sense that events are almost impossible due to the requirement for a face mask,” says Mayor Kristof Hendrickx (N-VA) of Arendonk. Organizers often fail themselves. The gymnastics group has already stopped its activities. Purchase restrictions or other measures from this toolkit? We won’t do that. You still have to trust the people themselves. Citizens are aware that this is a collective issue that we must address now. “

“And there can be a lot of infections, I am convinced that we have to decouple the infection numbers. If many test positive but are only slightly ill, is that a problem? Is group immunity not an option? “

Ward Kennis, Mayor Kasterlee (CD&V)

“It was a pretty dramatic presentation from the federal health doctor that we got about the state of care and how many people are affected. The industry is at its limit. And that with an enormous spread of the virus, also in the education sector, “says Ward Kennis (CD&V), Mayor of Kasterlee.

He does not take any additional measures in his community. “It is important now to properly enforce federal regulations. We have already informed our gastronomy that we will examine them carefully. The mouth mask on the Corona pass, but also the CO₂ measuring device. It shouldn’t be hidden or near the window. We will keep a close eye on that, but also with the necessary challenges, for example after a cluster with the police. “

“We ourselves have decided not to allow any more parties in our centers. It is a contact forge and you cannot check whether the mask is required there either. “

Bart De Wever, Bürgermeister von Antwerp (N-VA)

“We have not asked for additional provincial measures. In order to maintain support and make the rules as clear as possible, it is best to stay Flemish or federal, ”says Antwerp Mayor Bart De Wever (N-VA). The city is doing relatively well at the moment, but we know that the situation could change in the very short term. In addition, we are the largest health cluster in the country and are therefore particularly vigilant in order to relieve hospitals and basic services as much as possible. We also have to continue to organize the roll-out of the vaccination campaign for the third vaccination. We will keep a close eye on the next few weeks. “


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