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Is Dragonite Coming To Pokemon Unite? – To world

According to recent leaks, a certain dragon from the Kanto region could come to Pokemon Unite.

When something is certain, Pokemon Unite has been pumping out new characters. Decidueye was just the latest in a long list of characters released after its launch. The original list was 20 characters, but that number could reach 30 very soon.

Generation I Pokemon leaked to get to Pokemon Unite

By leaks from ElChicoEevee on Twitter, Dragonite may come to Pokemon Unite. It will obviously be an all-rounder too.

Any leak must be recorded with caution as nothing will be confirmed until TiMi Studios or Tencent Games state that Dragonite is coming. However, ElChicoEeve has been accurate in the past with multiple leaks in the past.

Many fans will be delighted when Dragonite comes to the game as it is one of the most popular Pokémon in the history of the franchise. It was originally the only type of kite in the Kanto region.

Lance, the Elite Four member in Kanto and Champion in Johto, has had a strong presence on Dragonite on his teams (clearly a fan, as he had three Dragonites on his Generation II Champion team).

Also, given his stats, it makes sense that Dragonite would be an all-rounder. Dragonite has three stats of 100 or more (attack, special attack, and special defense). His physical defense is also decent at 95.

Dragonite was featured three times on Lance's Generation II team (Image via The Pokemon Company)Sylveon was also extremely powerful when it came to the game, so much so that it was nerfed within three days of its release.

According to Leaks, there may be more Pokémon coming to Unite. There was a leaked Facebook post allowing fans to vote on which Pokémon would be added next. These Pokémon were as follows:

  • Wobbüfett
  • Blaziken
  • Dragonite
  • Decidueye
  • Gallade
  • Tsareena

Of these, Decidueye is already in the game and Tsareena is already confirmed.

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