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Given the growing concern of parents about the feeding of babies has become SpoonfulONE, a nutrition company based in Menlo Park, California, is committed to developing products that make food allergen introduction and maintenance safe and easy.

In the highly competitive niche baby food product category, this emerging brand needed the right marketing plan and execution to increase reach and customer acquisition. In Q4 2020, SpoonfulONE hired the Goodway Group, an independent digital media agency, to develop and optimize their marketing strategy to drive sales of their products. Goodway’s expertise in sponsored ads from Amazon, Amazon DSP, and advanced reporting and analytics tools like Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) helped SpoonfulONE leverage Amazon media effectively and achieve continuous business growth.

The approach

The Goodway Group initially helped SpoonfulONE connect with their target audiences by running prospect and marketing campaigns through both Amazon DSP and sponsored ads. While key statistics like impressions, clicks, and conversion rate in the standard reports captured media performance at the campaign level, these data points weren’t enough to help understand how different media work together to drive conversion and overall media efficiency to enhance. Access to cross-media insights in a privacy-friendly manner is essential for SpoonfulONE and the Goodway Group to make informed decisions about optimizing the media mix and adjusting budget allocation.

This is where Amazon Marketing Cloud comes in

In order to measure the effects of the implemented cross-media strategy and to look for optimization possibilities, the Goodway Group turned to the Amazon Marketing Cloud, Amazon’s data protection-safe and cloud-based data clean room solution. Using AMC’s web-based user interface, the Goodway Group’s data science and analysis team examined the pseudonymized, event-based records of SpoonfulONE’s past campaigns, located the information relevant for analysis, and created custom reports to provide further insights into user engagement across all Get across channels, strategies and devices. For example, Goodway used AMC to analyze the increase in conversion as a result of reaching audiences across different media types, examined whether the combined use of prospect and marketing tactics improved sales, and examined the effect of targeting audiences on desktop and mobile devices.

“Working within AMC gave us a secure and comprehensive view of the cross-media results from SpoonfulONE. This enabled us to control SpoonfulONE’s investment distribution across Amazon’s various media channels and tactics and to find the “perfect mix” to achieve optimal results. “

– Megan Crump, Senior Director Client Experience, Goodway Group

The results

The Goodway Group, with the help of AMC, found that the purchase rate of audiences reached with both Display and Sponsored Products ads was three times higher than that of audiences reached with Sponsored Products ads only.1 In the meantime, more than half of all target audiences who made a purchase were reached through both display ads and Sponsored Products ads.2

The Goodway group found an almost three-fold increase in the purchase rate for audiences who saw both display and sponsored product ads versus those who only saw Sponsored Products ads.3

While the target audience, who saw both sponsored products and display ads, accounted for only 4% of the total reach, more than half of all purchases were made by this group.4

In addition, Goodway found that the purchase rate for audiences reached through both prospect and remarketing ads was nearly 13 times higher than that of audiences reached through remarketing alone.5 In addition, targeting customers on desktop and mobile devices resulted in a purchase rate four times higher than targeting customers on mobile devices alone.6

“By leveraging event-level records in Amazon Marketing Cloud, we were able to identify the true impact of prospect tactics in the upper funnel that are driving sales, which is what traditional last-ad-lakes mapping does was not recognizable. “

– Steven Urgo, Data Insights Analyst, Goodway Group

With the help of AMC, Goodway Group was able to quantify the impact of upper funnel tactics on creating tangible downstream effects and demonstrate the value of a comprehensive media strategy. These insights served SpoonfulONE as a basis for future media investments and improved the brand’s efficiency and effectiveness in customer acquisition.

“Based on the insights that the Goodway Group gained through working with AMC, we changed our strategy so that we could use more tactics for the upper funnel and thus increase our reach and our conversions with very qualified target groups. Working with Goodway and Amazon Ads, we have achieved incredible results such as better conversion rates and a higher ROI. “

– Zoe Glade, VP Marketing Director, SpoonfulONE

1-6 Data provided by advertisers, United States, 2021

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