Sunday, November 28

Freya Study Club minutes for November 19, 2021 – archyde

Members of the Freya Study Club met at the Kansas Oil Museum on November 19, 2021. The host was Paula Peppard, assisted by Bernie Spradling and Bobbie Jaax.

Delicious pumpkin and pecan tarts were served with coffee and water. Cherrie Kehler introduced Jeff Davidson, who put on an exceptionally entertaining program. Jeff served for many years as the Greenwood County’s agricultural agent and is currently the watershed specialist for Kansas State University.

He loves to entertain and teach local and western history through the introductions to his songs. His lovely singing voice and knowledge of local El Dorado history were both pretty impressive!

After the program, President Marlene Rethman opened the business meeting with the loyalty offer and the club collection. Jane Doornbos called and handed in the treasurer’s report.

Deb Wheeler read out the minutes of last month’s meeting, which were approved as read. Jane thanked everyone for the bowl of fruit she had received after her recent knee surgery. Several committee reports were presented.

The club donated $ 300 to the GCI turkey campaign and will do the same for the Salvation Army’s Christmas relief program. The group is also planning a special Christmas project for the Butler Homeless Initiative. As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

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