Demonstration of corona measures at the dam canceled: “Security can no longer be guaranteed after last night” – archyde

The demonstration against the Corona measures that would take place this afternoon on Dam Square has been canceled by the organization WWD Netherlands. According to the organization of the demonstration, the situation in Rotterdam yesterday evening meant that the safety of the demonstrators cannot be guaranteed today. The community confirmed on Twitter that the demonstration was canceled.

The demonstration against the Corona measures would start at 2 p.m. on Dam Square. The 2G measure, closing times for restaurants and the mask requirement would be discussed. The organization expected around 10,000 participants. Hilda Slofstra is the organizer of the demonstration on behalf of World Wilde Demonstration Netherlands. After the riot in Rotterdam last night, Slofstra said, there is too much anger and anger.

“Our demonstration was also dominated by World Children’s Day, it doesn’t feel right at the moment. The safety of the protesters comes first. ” The community confirms the cancellation of the demonstration.

Co-organizer Michel Reijinga does not agree with the decision made. “There will be a lot more people coming to Amsterdam this afternoon.” Reijinga is a co-organizer of the Netherlands in the Resistance Action Group. Slofstra also assumes that the news will not reach all of the demonstrators. “From WWD we will be in Dam Square this afternoon to ask all who come to go home.”

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