Carmen Salinas: The actress will not do short-term work activities, her family assures

The actress’s family, Carmen Salinas, who is in a coma after a cerebral hemorrhage, confirmed that if she recovers, “Carmelita” could not have a short-term work activity.

“Through this means, we inform that by instructions of the doctors, Mrs. Carmen Salinas, in the event that she regained consciousness would have to undergo a rehabilitation that would not allow her to have a short-term work activity. This because she was complying with various projects “, reads the statement published on social networks.

According to the latest reports, there has been no change in the actress’s state of health, which remains critical but stable.

“We continue to pray for his speedy recovery and we appreciate all the expressions of affection towards our family. Sincerely, Salinas Lozano Family,” the family shared.

How did you end up in the Carmen Salinas hospital?

While the actress was having dinner and watching the soap opera in which she participates, “My fortune is loving you,” she suddenly collapsed and was taken to the hospital.

“Around ten o’clock at night, more or less, the girls who came up and (saw that) I was fainted. We immediately spoke to the ambulance,” said her nephew Gustavo Briones.

There is no “plan B” to replace Carmen Salinas in telenovela

Carmen Salinas’ family clarified that even if she recovers, the actress will not be able to work immediately and this, coupled with her delicate situation, leaves her projects up in the air.

Last Wednesday, Nicandro Diaz who is the producer of the novel “My fortune is loving you” assured that out of respect for Carmelita he had not thought of a replacement or what to do with his role, because he wants to wait for her as long as he can.

“It goes without saying that I would like Carmelita to continue within the story, but things look complicated, but we have to wait, I still have some ‘interest’ to see what happens.

“That I already have a plan B, I do not have it, because I am going to wait for Carmelita as much as possible, but if things continue like this we will have to do it, but everything in due time and what can be expected, I will do it”, he pointed.



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