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Britney Spears thanks Lady Gaga for kind words after the end of the Conservatory – archyde

Britney Spears screams after Lady Gaga.

Just a few days after the 39-year-old singer left the conservatory Gaga celebrated the decision at one of the Gucci’s house Premiere.

“The legal system doesn’t care what we have to say … I’ve been praying for her all along and I’m so happy for her,” she said Extra. “I don’t want to speak on your behalf. I want everyone to know that we can cheer them all on, but really and truly it is she who made this possible and I think we should thank her for embracing her own freedom.

After celebrating Britneythe victory, Britney called her on social media.

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She recorded her Instagram stories and wrote on a screengrab: “Thank you Lady Gaga for really taking the time to say something kind.”

“You made me cry!!! I love you!!!” Britney added.

Gaga saw Britney‘s explanation and replied to her on her own stories.

“I love you Britney Spears. Live your best life ” Gaga started adding three red heart emojis. “I prayed that the legal system would treat you like one person. You have now forever changed the course for women in this industry. You stood up for yourself and you were so brave. Thanks very much.”

Britney‘s message to Gaga followed her call another singer she grew up with.

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