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Nigerian musician Davido Adeleke aka Davido is trending like wildfire on social media right now. On Wednesday, he went to Twitter to ask his friends to donate one million naira each before his 29th birthday.

Obviously the ‘Assurance’ crooner was in a joke mood. But fate took the joke out of his hand when he pasted his account details into his verified Twitter handle.

“If you know that I gave you a hit song, send me money … una una ooo”, Davido had posted. In ten minutes he received 7 million N. Still in disbelief, he declared that his goal was to reach 100 million naira so that he could get his brand new Rolls Royce Cullinan out of port. Donations reached well over 30 million N within an hour.

The shocked one wrote: “I just opened this account today, just for that !!! From 0 to 33 !!! Let’s move on !!! I love you. Man, I’m speechless. “

As he continued to rule the airwaves as more and more donors hit their keyboards to replenish his cash holdings, many wondered why people would rush to “inject” Davido money when he was wealthy enough to run his precious vehicle to clean and celebrate your birthday in style without a fundraiser.

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To take the joke a little further, Davido had written: “We rise by lifting others off? I rise and raise others for the past 100 years. So I want to know who my friends are. All my friends a million naira. They said we are 30BG. If you don’t send your own. You out of here. You’re gone (sic). “

It was then that a lot of people started to join the trend. And within 24 hours the artist earned more than N 160 million. By the time this report was written yesterday, the inflow had passed the N 180 million mark. In an update on the posts, Davido announced that Wema Bank (whose account he used to receive the donations) would like to meet with him.

In the midst of the unusual fundraiser, some people have tried to explain why Davido received so much benevolence for what started out as a joke.

Nollywood star Allen Brown stated that the singer is known for his philanthropy and kindness. “When you know how to give to people and you are known to show friendship to people of all stripes, that is the kind of honor you get,” he said. But there are those who have felt uncomfortable with the continued expression of love. Star stylist Toyin Lawani cast shadows on the people who gave the singer money. She noted that the majority of those who paid the singer money will not give it to those who really need it. “Some of these people are sharing money, and if the people who really need that money ask you now, you are not going to give them,” she said.


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