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November 17th is World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Day (COPD). On this occasion, but also because November is the month of lung health, the Romanian Society of Pneumology points out that COPD is currently the third leading cause of death worldwide.

This year’s theme “Lung Health – More Important Than Ever” emphasizes that the burden of COPD continues during the COVID pandemic and that there is no better time to focus on our lung health.

Keeping lungs healthy includes avoiding cigarettes, air pollution or occupational exposure, maintaining an active lifestyle, pneumococcal, flu, and anti-COVID vaccinations, following medical plans, and administering drugs correctly.

Over 300 million people worldwide suffer from this disease, one million of whom are Romanians. Unfortunately, more than half of people with COPD don’t know they are sick, as early symptoms can easily be mistaken for the effects of smoking excessively or aging (cough, chronic sputum production, suffocation, fatigue).

“The pandemic has created challenges to which we have had to adapt and in this spirit the Romanian Society of Pneumology comes to the aid of Romanian patients by providing a website,, with access for both doctors and patients . ” . At the same time we have a GREEN TEL 021 9904 where patients can call to arrange consultations with Romanian pulmonologists. says Prof. Dr. Roxana Maria Nemeș, President of the Romanian Pneumology Society.

“The main risk factor for COPD and lung cancer is smoking. The main unfortunate element is the late diagnosis of these diseases due to the lack of specific symptoms. A person who has COPD and smokes a lot is 6 times more likely to develop lung cancer. Patients with severe COPD should be screened regularly for early lung cancer detection, which would increase the life expectancy of these patients. says Prof. Dr. Ruxandra Ulmeanu, President of the Lung Cancer Section of the Romanian Society of Pneumology.

“We are celebrating COPD Day for the second time in the blackened landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic, exacerbation or poor prognosis. We are confident that over time we can work together to overcome all these barriers and that this category of chronic patient will slowly return to a normal counseling and health system that covers the most important shortcomings identified in the past: underdiagnosis, early detection, poor adherence to therapy. ” says Prof. Dr. Florin Mihălțan, former president of the Somnology Section of the Romanian Pneumology Society.

“Previous studies around the world have shown that patients who smoke COPD have developed more severe forms of the disease with longer hospital stays and a higher risk of death after being infected with the CoV-2 Sars virus. In this way, the recommendation to quit smoking, which should never be neglected in COPD patients, takes on a new dimension and adds weight. ”Says Dr. Monica Marc, Primary Pneumologist, President of the Tobacco Division of the Romanian Pneumology Society.

“COPD is one of the most important causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide because it is a complex lung disease that also manifests itself throughout the body, especially in advanced stages of the disease. The early detection of this disease and the establishment of treatment in the early stages leads to a reduction in disease progression and an increase in the quality of life of the patient. The advantages of the correct and continuous management of this pathology also lie on an economic and social level, and in particular the exacerbations of COPD, due to their complexity, represent a burden for the health systems. ”Says Prof. Dr. Doina Todea, President of the Respiratory Physiology Section of the Romanian Pneumology Society.

“COPD is more than a disease. It means lost years of life, premature death, functional disability. It means repeated hospitalizations, and in severe forms, staying reliant on the oxygen concentrator. It means fighting for every breath of oxygen. Only if we fight together with the patient, but also with the decision-makers, can we relieve this disease. ”Says Prof. Dr. Cristian Oancea, General Secretary of the Romanian Society of Pneumology.

Pulmonologists remind that spirometry is still the main method of diagnosing and examining lung function and is recommended not only for people at risk, but also for anyone who wants to take care of their lung health.

Lung Health And COPD: 8 Steps You Must Follow

  1. Don’t forget to move!

Many patients become more sedentary after a COPD diagnosis. An active life increases the quality of life and reduces both hospital stays and mortality.

  1. Don’t forget to take the treatment!

COPD patients need to get their treatment right.

  1. Be careful with your diet!

Maintaining a normal body weight is important in COPD patients. Supplementation in malnourished patients can cause weight gain and improve.

  1. Don’t forget to check in regularly!

Stay in touch with your doctor and have your treatment checked regularly.

  1. To be vaccinated!

Vaccinations can reduce serious illness and death from COPD, whether it’s COVID-19 or other respiratory infections. In addition, vaccinations have shown that exacerbations are reduced.

  1. Pulmonary rehabilitation.

Pulmonary rehabilitation helps improve symptoms and quality of life, but also helps maintain the patient’s physical and emotional involvement in daily activities. In areas where pulmonary rehabilitation programs are not available, patients can resort to walking or stationary cycling.

  1. Reduce exposure to toxic substances!

Tobacco smoke, indoor and outdoor air pollutants, and toxic substances are all risk factors for COPD.

  1. Try to reduce the risk of COVID!

COPD patients should take strict measures to prevent COVID-19 infection. Social distance, wearing a face mask, hand washing and vaccinations are extremely important.

The choice and declaration of November as “Month of Lung Health” is no coincidence, because it is also the month of the fight against lung cancer, to which three other important dates are added: World Pneumonia Day (November 12), World COPD Day November 17 ) and National Tobacco Free Day (November 18).


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