Well-known sports stars keep choosing money instead of integrity – Nach Welt

What is integrity selling for today? Can you buy it by the pound, by the meter, by the bottle? Is it listed on the NASDAQ or the Dow?

All I know is that unlike Roger Goodell’s PSLs, integrity is not a good investment. It was devalued, devalued, repossessed, and given up.

Part One: It doesn’t matter where you line up at COVID-Vaxxing, Aaron Rodgers told a selfish, self-proclaimed lie. He said he was “immunized” against COVID when he wasn’t.

Next, the public should be pleased with his “apology” that would have sent a 10-year-old to his room not to TV for a week for continuing to refuse to admit the lie.

Rodgers: “I made a few comments that people may have found misleading. And for anyone who feels misled by these comments, I take full responsibility. “

Yes, misleading. Like saying it’s noon when it’s midnight. Just a little misunderstanding.

Still, Rodgers’ makeover appears to have been good enough for many, including Tony Romo, the CBS man with $ 18 million in annual sales. Against the Seahawks on Sunday, when Rodgers returned from a game in the NFL’s COVID warning cave after his absence, Romo, who was usually pleasantly skeptical, declared a happy ending.

Rodgers, he said, had made good his transgression, confessed, and now let go: “He’s ready to play football … and wants to move on.” Hut one! Hut two!

Aaron Rodgers

Not so fast.

As Romo should have known, Rodgers’ apology to those he may have misled preceded Rodgers being fired as a paid spokesman for Prevea, a Wisconsin-based health company he had been with since 2012.

Rodgers was dropped by Prevea on November 6th. His “apology” was issued three days later. Fascinating.



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