Week 12 high school soccer staff vote | Soccer – to the world

For the first time this season, our student picker led our panel for the week with a record of 14-1. There was a five-way tie for the second with records of 13-2.

Tulsa World’s Mike Brown leads the season with a record of 151-29 while Sand Springs Leader’s Scott Emigh is runner-up with a record of 150-30.

Week 11 record; Season record

Justin Ayer von Wagoner County American-Tribune: 13-2; 127-53

Mike Brown von Tulsa World: 13-2; 151-29

Sand Springs Leader’s Scott Emigh: 12-3; 150-30

Tulsa World’s bill smells like: 12-3; 139-41

Barry Lewis from Tulsa World: 13-2; 144-36

Patrick Prince von Tulsa World: 13-2; 129-51

Nathan Thompson of Fox 23: 13-2; 148-32



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