Sunday, November 28

The Ukrainian secret service announced the date of the climax of the Russian maneuvers near the border of Ukraine – World wide

Defense Ministry Chief Intelligence Director Kirill Budanov said Russia was conducting a large-scale special operation against Ukraine. Moscow’s military maneuvers will peak in January. He announced this in the air on Thursday, November 18. The right to power.

Budanov noted that the Russian Federation had a specific goal.

“Moscow’s plan is very simple – internal destabilization, with many narratives. From anti-vaccination opponents to dissatisfaction for various reasons. Also, threatens the migration crisis, which aims to outrage society, a large-scale energy crisis that we believe is looming, an economic crisis, ”he said.

The GUR chief noted that Russia “accumulates” some distance from the Ukrainian border.

“And this against the background of the large-scale maneuvers of the Russian army with a concentration at a certain distance from the state border. This accumulation will continue and will peak in late January, ”added Budanov.

Remember that former secret services of western countries warned Ukraine about the “high probability” of Russian troops entering this winter.

At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation stated that the movements of their military are taking place on the territory of the country, and “there is no excessive concentration of forces and resources near Ukraine”.

Russia will not attack Ukraine – foreign policy

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