The majority of the world’s population uses the password “123456” – By World, London—The world population still uses simple passwords like “123456”, “qwerty” and “password”. corresponding Daily mail, the results were obtained through the report based on a recent study by NordPass The most common passwords who found that password usage varied greatly depending on location and gender.

It’s even more surprising when reports show that most users still use their own names as passwords in addition to favorite sports teams, car brands, and group names. The reports were viewed and compiled in collaboration with independent researchers.

ESET cyber security expert Jake Moore said the study’s results showed that people still don’t understand the risks of using weak passwords. He advises users to use a password manager who can set a different password for each page they visit without having to remember the details.

It is estimated that 103 million people worldwide use the password 123456, while 123456789 is used by 46 million users and 12345 is used by 32 million people. Other passwords in the top 10 most used charts are qwerty, password, and 111111.

Studies also show that it is very easy for hackers to just know their location and gender, which can help break a person’s password. The results of this study showed, for example, that women overall prefer to use positive words and love phrases rather than passwords such as “sunshine” or “iloveyou”. (NE)

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