Public sector workers must go to work with an anticovid vaccination card – archyde

The government will issue a circular requiring the presentation of vaccination records for 1,268,423 public officials from across the state at their workplaces.

The announcement was made on Thursday afternoon by President Iván Duque, who argued that vaccination against Covid-19 should be promoted by the public sector, and so his government decided to request the document from officials.

“We must also encourage from a public sector perspective that all civil servants are vaccinated and arrive at work with their vaccination certificate,” said Duque, adding that the measure serves to reactivate the economy and improve the social environment.

Currently, the document is required so that people over the age of 18 can participate in events where crowds are presented, such as concerts and football matches, but also restaurants, bars and nightclubs. In addition, from the 30th of this month, boys and girls aged 12 and over will also have to provide evidence of syringes in order to gain access to various public and private spaces.

With that in mind, and taking into account the fact that the government has considered that children under the age of 12 who are subject to the national vaccination schedule must also provide a certificate at a later date, the Ministry of Health announced that no serious side effects have been reported among the 1,223. 740 boys and girls aged 3 to 11 who were vaccinated with the Sinovac vaccine.

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