Late STIKO recommendation: bitter booster lesson

Date too long too much tactic, that too long hoped in vain, all this has apparently become clear to the chairman of the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO), which is why the booster vaccination should finally be recommended to all adults. An important signal, but too late. Since July, a good dozen meaningful studies have been available from Israel, England and the USA, and even from Qatar and South America, which demonstrate the twofold benefit of the third dose: to protect against serious illness beyond the first few months and also to contain the spread of the virus in Winter. The booster vaccination is not only useful, it is urgently needed.

What made the STIKO hesitate is now clear: the unpleasantly low willingness to booster of those who benefit most from it, but who could not know anything about their happiness because there was no political initiative to do so. Only eleven percent of the very old and immunocompromised people have taken the booster. The following also applies: The greatest burden of disease correlates with age. If all those at risk had restored their vaccination protection with boosters and if the unvaccinated elderly had been vaccinated – the intensive care units would not have to fill up.

So one has waited in vain for the elderly and immunocompromised. Now you have to squeeze both: the risk of infection for those particularly at risk and the exorbitant number of cases, which drastically increase the risk of illness even for younger people. Instead of energetically and early on to freshen up, which would have meant communicating the need for boosting early on, the old prioritization scheme has been withdrawn.

And even now politicians are still fighting unnecessarily about deadlines and vaccination intervals instead of acting quickly. Because only that helps: a catapult launch from the disaster. In any case, a smooth booster vaccination campaign alone cannot solve the problem overnight.

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