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Recently published Trailer for Concept EV9, which is supposed to predict the new large SUVs of the Kia brand, has realistic contours – the car was presented at the ongoing Los Angeles Motor Show. It’s a harbinger of an electric flagship set to hit the market in 2023.

The sharp-cut bow, almost without headlights or extremely futuristic wheels, suggests that there will be some changes here in the course of the rebirth into the production version. The interior, in our opinion, will be similar – we mainly expect the controls to move from the steering wheel rim to a more practical location. In the form of touch “buttons”, they are now exactly where the person is holding the steering wheel.

The controls on the steering wheel are fine, but not exactly where the driver will be holding it.

Photo: Kia

An elongated display, a “floating” dashboard and a heap of ambient lighting are things that can be mass-produced without any problems. Likewise the shape of the steering wheel, including the center if the airbag fits. We don’t even see displays that act as rear-view mirrors when the little “tentacles” outside the car are supposed to be cameras instead of mirrors, so changes are to be expected in this area as well.

And of course, things like the lack of a B-pillar, a tailgate opening against the open, or an incredibly thin floor will most likely change. The latter is because the battery has to be stored somewhere.

Such a thin floor will certainly not go into series production if the EV9 electric SUV is to have a battery.

Photo: Kia

But what doesn’t have to change much is size and technology. The 4.9 m long, almost 2.1 m wide and 1.8 m high concept is based on the E-GMP platform, which is already running in the Kie EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq. The largest battery in the intestine should therefore have a capacity of 77.4 kWh and be able to charge from 10 to 80% in around 20 minutes if you can find a sufficiently powerful charger. The car can handle up to 350 kW charging power.

Concept EV9 – the car is specially named – has two electric motors for all-wheel drive and accelerates to 100 in around 5 seconds. The range on a full charge should be up to 483 km. There are no reports about the goal or the performance, but we can assume that the maximum will be the same as for the EV6, i.e. 585 horses.

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