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It turns out that Harvard students aren’t that smart after all – archyde

Only about 57% of the white students at the prestigious university are accepted on the basis of their achievement

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get to Harvard? Star ratings, impressive after-school programs and based on a recent study or deep pockets and a parent who either works or has studied there. The latter two are pretty important to white Harvard students as only about 57% of them are admitted to university on merit, the Guardian writes.

In fact, 43% of Harvard white students are either athletes, hereditary students on the dean’s list of interests (i.e. their parents are donors), or children of faculty and staff (students admitted by these criteria, “,“ hereditary ”,“ Dean’s Interest List ”and“ Children ”of Harvard employees). About three-quarters of these candidates would be turned down if they weren’t wealthy or affiliated with Harvard.

Harvard is insanely competitive. The admission rate for the 2025 class is 3.43%, the lowest percentage in the school’s history for a year that has seen an unprecedented surge in applications. But as the admission process at Harvard becomes clearer, it is becoming clear that the school’s competitiveness is based not only on academic strength or great results, but also on whether your parents or grandparents made significant donations to the school.

This dynamic is of a racist nature, almost 70% of all Harvard successors are white. According to the study, the chances of a white person being accepted are sevenfold if there is a family who donated to Harvard. In sharp contrast, African American, Asian American, and Hispanic students make up less than 16% of ALDC students.

This kind of systematic bias towards whites, the wealthy, and those associated with the prestigious university is nothing new when it comes to elite academic institutions. It has always been a slightly tuned game that is largely preferred by wealthy whites.

Take the elite college admission scandal in 2019, for example. Almost three years have passed since the fiasco in which dozens of wealthy people tried to pay their children access to prestigious universities like Stanford and Yale. These parents paid thousands of dollars for someone to take the entrance tests for their children, they bribed the test administrators and coaches so that their children could be identified as extremely talented athletes. After all, 50 people were involved in the scandal, including celebrities like Felicity Huffman and Lori Loflin.

White racists (including the Trump administration) have long despised the system that was created to give historically underrepresented communities a better chance to invade institutions from which they have been systematically excluded. According to them, something like this amounts to turning racism against whites in universities and has helped blacks in particular reap the benefits that are supposed to apply to whites.

Judging by Harvard numbers, it sounds like these people don’t really think affirmatives are bad – they just think they should be reserved for white, rich people. And when it comes to Harvard’s prestigious status, these revelations about the university’s admissions process drill big holes in the notion that everyone who is there has proven themselves “worthy” to be part of this elite institution.

Harvard and other prestigious schools have always been revered as sacred spaces accessible only to the best and brightest – and so many young people still think. However, the reality is very different.

The world’s greatest geniuses are supposed to be there, but in fact the halls are full of descendants of the privileged who wouldn’t be there without their connections and money.


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