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Arizona Offensive Coordinator Brennan Carroll met with the media this week and here is a collection of key points:

* The weather is projected to be in the 30s, which Arizona is clearly not used to.

“You just have to walk around a lot and block and stay warm,” said Carroll. “I think if we can fly over the field as planned, they usually stay warm. Once the game starts it’s really hard for everyone standing around, but if you’re playing outside it’s fine. “

* Arizona will lose a handful of attacking linemen this season, and while Carroll hasn’t finished naming them all, he said he was expecting a reserve guard Matthew Stefanski not to return.

“Professor Stefanski has an option to continue his law degree so he may not be with us next year,” said Carroll. “I applaud him for his choice. He did a fantastic job for us this year, he came in and helped. “

* In order to fill the gaps in the offensive, Carroll plans to be aggressive in the transfer portal.

“I’m sure the transfer portal will have an impact on our recruiting class,” said Carroll. “I don’t know how that will work. This is new territory for me. I got a small dose of it in the spring, but it’s a fairly new being. So I’m curious to see how it turns out. “

* Arizona didn’t flip the ball against Utah last week and the goal is to make a streak out of it.

“We try to protect football all the time,” said Carroll. “We’ve improved, albeit late in the season, but that’s really important. That will never be the focus. We’re excited about the first game in which we didn’t turn the ball. Small improvements, small wins, but we still have to keep going. “

* When asked if it was more important to start the run early because of the cold weather, Carroll didn’t necessarily agree.

“It all depends,” he said. “Establishing the running mood is a bit of a fallacy. We’d like to say we ran the ball 15 times and got the first two drives. It’s hard to do that when the defense tees off to stop the run. It’s more important to be in balance early on, and when you have the chance to finish a game with a run, that’s ideal. “

* Dorian singer has been one of the most formidable attacking players in the last few weeks after slowly starting this season.

“He’s done it in practice,” said Carroll. “We’ve had our scrimmages with the Scout teams since the beginning of the season and he always did great things with them. he didn’t do that and he did a fantastic job.

“The ball comes to him and he makes great games. Somewhere, probably after the first few weeks, he felt more comfortable. It’s hard for a newbie who comes in the summer to influence this early. It took a couple of weeks and he started to prove himself and kept doing it and then got a chance. “

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