The police will be the details of Polyakov’s death. notify – to the world

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The police will investigate the circumstances of the death of MP Polyakov. communicate

The Ministry of the Interior will provide full support to the provisional commission of inquiry set up in parliament to investigate the death of Polyakov.

Interior Ministry head Denis Monastyrsky said the investigation into the death of former People’s MP Anton Polyakov has been completed and his phone was accessed. In the near future, the National Police promises to be briefed on this matter. Monastyrsky announced this on Thursday, November 18, in the program “Right to Power”.

“All the necessary investigations have now been completed, and thanks to the cooperation with our international partners, we have access to Mr. Polyakov’s cell phone.

I think there will be a briefing from the National Police in the near future who will reveal the details that actually make up the complete mystery surrounding this event, ”Monastyrsky said.

Recall the death of Anton Polyakov became known on October 8th… The police saw a dying man in the back of a taxi. The ambulance that arrived couldn’t save him. The same day at the police station tells of the circumstances of death Representative of the people. Allegedly he drank the night before with a friend and later took a taxi home, where he felt bad and died. Later, the People’s Deputy to the Servant of the People’s Party Anna Skorokhod, Polyakova’s concubine, stated that he was killed.

Death of the People’s Deputy. Passion for Anton Polyakov

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