Stillborn dog found outside Madhya Pradesh Hospital, second incident in 2 years – archyde


A paramedic discovered the dog with the newborn’s body. (Representative)


A dog was seen eating the corpse of a stillborn baby outside a district hospital in Madhya Pradesh’s Ashoknagar. The hospital has ordered an investigation into the shocking incident. A paramedic discovered the dog with the newborn’s body and chased him away.

Dr. DK Bhargava, civil surgeon at Ashoknagar Hospital, told NDTV, “We received the information in the morning. We have now kept the body safely in the autopsy room and also informed the police. We have seen this in previous cases. ”Family members do not properly bury newborn bodies. You’re throwing the body away in a hurry. “

A similar incident occurred outside of the hospital in August last year when stray dogs were found eating the body of a newborn baby.

Locals claim this is the fourth such incident in two years.

The hospital, which treats nearly 400 patients every day, suffers from a shortage of doctors and other health workers. There are 24 approved positions for doctors in the hospital, 20 of which are vacant. The hospital has a penalty for 49 ward boys and technicians. But 31 of these positions are currently vacant.

The situation is the same at other medical schools and in the state government. There are 856 vacancies in 13 medical colleges across the state. There are only 4,815 doctors in state hospitals, despite a total vacancy of 8,904. There is also a shortage of 16,000 nurses.


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