Mert Hakan: There is no painting that can be exaggerated! Perception of the greatness of Fenerbahce – archyde

Sports Toto Super LeagueOn Sunday, November 21st, in the 13th week of Galatasaray will look away FenerbahceMidfielder Mert Hakan Yandaş said he had no choice but to win the game.

in float Facilities in Fenerbahce Can BartuAfter training in Turkey, the 27-year-old footballer told the press: “We are going to play one of the most important and biggest games in Turkey. It is of great importance to the community and to us. We did a good job in the national team, we’ve been playing this game since day one. I hope it’s for us. “It will be a beautiful day and we will return home happily on Sunday.” the terms used.


“We have no choice but to win”

with the statement that they have left a fragile time behind them, Mert Hakan“I think we survived that time after the UEFA game. We had an unlucky game against Kayserispor, we had balls that came back off the rack, we missed a penalty. There is this in football and we shouldn’t hide in it. ” We have one of the biggest games in the community and Turkey ahead of us. We have no choice but to win this game. I can say we forgot the past. Nothing is lost. Everyone writes bad things, but nothing is lost. “I don’t think there’s anything we can’t do as long as we believe in it.”

“Fenerbahce is overlooked because of its size”

Mert Hakan stated that they had a bad process on the points, but they didn’t do as badly as they said they did.

The midfielder emphasized that when times were bad, the size of Fenerbahçe meant that more pressure was built on, the midfielder said: “We are already aware that things are going well or badly. It didn’t go well, yes, but I don’t think it is. ” an exaggeration, more pressure on it. We have to deal with this internally. Our fans may get upset and blame, that’s normal, but that’s also the nature of football. We need to take positive criticism and look ahead and get good results. “


Mert Hakan, who also stated that the goal is the fruit of football and that everyone wants to score in the derby, explained that the entire team wants to win in front of the goal and therefore everyone motivates each other to score.

Mert Hakan, who emphasizes that the Derby fans will always be with them, “We are all together. The only thing we focus on as a team is to win and make them happy. I hope we want to win. I suffered two injuries at the beginning of the season. It’s early to say I did. ” has done well, continuity is required. I want to serve Fenerbahçe by putting my performance above my performance every day. “

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