Heart Foundation supports TU / e research on smartwatches

18. November 2021 – 12:05

A project led by the Technical University of Eindhoven has received more than 950,000 euros from the Heart Foundation to develop smartwatches that can signal cardiac arrest and call emergency services.

It is Project, a collaboration with Amsterdam UMC, Tilburg University, Philips, Catharina Hospital and Stan, is led by TU / e researcher Rik Vullings.

Every year 17,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of the hospital. With many victims, this happens without anyone around to provide and summon help. However, adequate care within 6 minutes of cardiac arrest is vital.

For this reason, the Heart Foundation recognizes research that should lead to smartwatches that can signal cardiac arrest and alert emergency services. In addition to the TU / e project, a Radboudumc research project was also funded. In total, it is an amount of 1.9 million euros.


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