“Green Movement” supports Rumen Radev in Sunday’s runoff election – elections 2021 – nach Welt

In the 2019 European Parliament elections, Borislav Sandov and Vladislav Panev were nominated as candidates for MPs for “Democratic Bulgaria”.

Green Movement ”- one of the parties joining the Democratic Bulgaria Union announced that it would support current President Rumen Radev in the second round of presidential elections this Sunday, the formation’s press center said in a letter to the media.

“Bulgaria has the chance for positive change in the coming years and we believe that Radev, as President, can be part of the decisions. In his five years he has shown that he can hear sensible arguments in favor of a veto and has used it in cases such as changes to the administrative order and the law on the development of the Black Sea Coast, which we expect to be a voice in support of our priorities (… ) The Green Movement supported Lozan Panov and Maria Kasimova-Moasse in the first round of runoff elections, ”is the party’s position.

Democratic Bulgaria has so far refrained from pressuring its voters to vote for either candidate in the second ballot and expected that it would not officially take sides. Until recently, it was not known whether the party would nominate its own candidate for the first round, as the union unofficially noted that most supporters of “Democratic Bulgaria” would vote for Rumen Radev. These predictions were subsequently confirmed by data from Alpha Research, according to which on Sunday 38% of the voters of “Democratic Bulgaria” supported the current head of state.

In the first round of the presidential election, however, the union stood behind Lozan Panov, who was nominated by an initiative committee but only received 36% of the vote from right-wing coalition voters. C.The chairman of the Green Movement, Vladislav Panev, turned out to be the most generous donor for the election campaign of the former judge, which did not prevent Panov from turning against “Democratic Bulgaria” and accusing the association of possible arrangements behind the scenes with Rumen Radev and Cornelia Ninova.

The two other parties in the Union, Yes Bulgaria and the DSB, have not yet commented on whom they would support in the second round of the presidential election. Silence is not an option for the Green Movement, according to Vladislav Panev, as there are significant differences between the two candidates. We act pragmatically, without having one hundred percent agreement with one or the other candidacy, ”he told Dnevnik about the party’s decision to support Rumen Radev.

A meeting of the party’s executive council is scheduled for this afternoon, at which its leaders Vladislav Panev and Borislav Sandov are requesting a mandate to negotiate with “We continue the change”. Possible dates for planning a national conference to elect a new tour after three days will also be discussed. the leaders of the Green Movement resigned because of poor election results.


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