December edition 2021 Change of course –

How ships can become climate-friendly

Set sail
Text: Fabian Franke / Photos: Frank Schultze
Sailing ships transport coffee beans and rum across the Atlantic. The projects see themselves as a low-emission alternative to global container shipping. Visiting a young scene.

Navigation with no regrets
Text: Katja Maria Engel
Ships have been moving by burning fossil fuels for two centuries. This is harmful to the climate; the sea needs alternative drives. But which ones?

Text: Edith Luschmann / Photos: Tim Flach
The animal photographer Tim Flach has embarked on a journey of discovery into the world of birds. With surprising views of exotic and well-known species and expressive portraits, he wants to inspire people for their beauty and uniqueness – and thus use art to have a positive influence on our dealings with nature.

The moor pioneers
Text: Anle Lübbert / Photos: Paul Hahn
Moors have a superpower: They bind CO2 and are an important tool in the fight against climate change. A think tank in Greifswald is researching how the wet areas can also be used economically.

Cute and deadly
Text: Rolf Heßbrügge
The African black-footed cat is one of the least explored species of cats in the world. It shines when hunting with an extremely high success rate. But it lives so hidden that its first scientific description was based on a fur find.

You are the boss here
Text: Sigrid Krügel / Photos: Frank Schultze
Which brands and seals can customers trust when it comes to animal welfare? Last year, for the first time, consumers decided for themselves how their milk should be produced.

Confusing variety
Text: Sigrid Krügel
More and more seals suggest to the customer that meat comes from happy animals. But there is still no state animal welfare seal. The consumer advice center advises: inform yourself well and be skeptical.

The deal with the water
Text: Ralf Stork
The Chicago Stock Exchange has been trading in water usage rights for a year. A hedge against price fluctuations? Or dangerous speculation with a vital resource? In any case, other measures are needed to distribute water better.

In Search of Lost Time
Text: Jan Rübel / Photos: Rainer Kwiotek
The Harz with its trees is a witness to our history. Whoever visits him is immersed
into a world of myths and mythical creatures. And get to know a long breath.

Green turbo
Text: Oliver Rast
Less sugar, hardly any additives, but with guarana or mate tea – pick-me-ups with the organic seal are conquering the shelves. It is not necessarily healthier, warn consumer advocates. And some manufacturers avoid the label “energy drink” like the devil avoid holy water.

Further topics in the December issue:

Hammer of the month: Garbage man with a green coat

Observation tip: Lion courage at the duck pond: Egyptian geese

Letters to nature: More climate protection in traffic, reduce methane emissions, app to save the world, bad grades for food policy, tree of the year

Finds: Ancient footprints, measurable meditation effects, Teflon in the beetle’s knee, cheese from the Ice Age, orangutan cracks nuts, Arapaima in danger, slow regeneration of the rainforest

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