Catholic schools are preparing for the return of face-to-face teaching – Nach Welt

When some public schools reopened their doors to primary education students, Catholic schools in the National Capital Region were instructed to prepare for the eventual return of physical learning.

The Catholic Education Association of the Philippines-NCR urges its member schools to closely monitor and learn from the pilot implementation of face-to-face teaching in other schools.

“We encourage the leaders of Catholic private schools to oversee this pilot program and see what DepEd practices apply to us,” said Fr. Nolan Que, CEAP NCR Trustee.

“We call on the leaders of the Catholic schools to start planning this transition as soon as possible,” he said.

The priest said this is because the Ministry of Education’s initiative was the right move almost two years after the health crisis began.

“We can’t hide forever. This endeavor is a calculated risk that all schools in the country must take in order to begin the transition from distance learning to limited classroom teaching, ”said Que.

In preparation, he said Catholic schools should coordinate with their respective local governments on implementing health protocols.

“We anticipate that our schools will do their own preparations once our schools have a guarantee that local government units are implementing and monitoring all quarantine health protocols,” said Que.

He also urged school management to communicate with their students’ parents and guardians.

“Please start by getting parental consent when the limited face-to-face sessions become available in your areas,” said the CEAP official.

But Catholic schools, he also said, cannot leave behind the pupils and students who prefer the distance learning modality.

“We urge our teachers to ensure that there are provisions for the blended learning approach to accommodate families who prefer online distance learning,” said Que.

The DepEd began the pilot implementation of face-to-face teaching in selected areas of the country on Monday after being closed for 20 months due to the pandemic.

A total of 97 public schools took part in the introduction of face-to-face teaching.

On the flip side, DepEd said 20 private schools will offer limited face-to-face teaching from November 22nd.Mariel Céline L. Serquiña

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