British F-35 plane crashes into sea, losing IDR 1.6 trillion – archyde

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

fighter Reconnaissance of the F-35. of the kingdom English fell on Wednesday (November 17th) local time in the Mediterranean.

The British Ministry of Defense said on Twitter that the fighter plane crashed during operations by the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The incident could also result in a loss of $ 115 million, or the equivalent of 1.6 trillion rupees.

This is how much the British government is said to have budgeted for the production of a single-engine F-35B aircraft.

The pilot of the aircraft was reported as safe after he got out of the dice use the ejector seat before the plane crashes into the sea.

Start CNNThe variant of the vertical take-off and landing system F-35B (VTOL) that crashed in the Mediterranean was practically new for the British Air Force.

In June the F-35 based on the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth was in service in the Middle East. It was the British Air Force’s first combat mission in a decade.

While the F-35’s first combat mission was conducted in 2019 to attack ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The F-35 was stationed on the island of Cyprus.

“The ability to operate from the sea in the world’s most advanced jet aircraft is an important moment in our (British) military) history. The mission is to protect our allies and demonstrate the formidable British air power, ”the UK Secretary of Defense said at the time.

The UK plans to purchase 138 F-38s. This makes Queen Elizabeth’s country the third largest country to operate Lockheed Martin fighter jets after the United States and Japan.

In addition to incidents involving British F-35B aircraft crashing into the sea, the United States and Japan have also seen F-35 aircraft lost in a number of accidents.

In April 2019, a Japanese F-35A crashed in the Pacific, killing a pilot. The Japanese Ministry of Defense later linked the crash with the problem of spatial disorientation. The pilots were not aware of their surroundings when the aircraft slid into the sea during night training.

In May 2020, a US F-35A crashed during a routine exercise in Florida. However, the pilot was able to survive using the ejector seat.


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