Body positive: fall in love with yourself first

Although we believe that this movement is new, it is important to know that it originated in 1967 with a campaign against discrimination against obese people.

But be body positive It is not only about not discriminating, but about accepting and loving our body in the way you have it.

It is not exclusive to people with curves, it means loving all the parts that make up your being and how he is.

Although it has been misunderstood by some people who think that it is about promoting obesity and an unhealthy life, it is totally the opposite, just try not to feel ashamed of who you are does not incite anyone to have bad eating habits or the sedentary lifestyle.


This movement is about giving voice to all bodies and all identities, invites us to feel proud of the way we have and exhorts us to dress it as we feel comfortable, not limit ourselves to what they offer us.

In the universe of body positive all shapes and silhouettes fit, since it only refers to wanting, appreciating and feeling respect for the body you inhabit and the skin that represents you, it is not limited to telling you that you have to settle for something, but that it can change it, but from a place of love, without feeling hatred for yourself and wanting to change yourself because the current moment demands it, invites you to generate healthy mental health habits and take responsibility for the decisions you make for your body.

In this movement there are many people involved and there are many platforms where you can find out more about it, podcast, videoblogs, even on tiktok there are characters totally immersed in the body positive movement.


Remember that as we have already heard it many times, if it is not your body you have no reason to comment, it is not wrong to pay a compliment, what you can not is try to meddle in a body that does not belong to you because in reality we never know what it is living.



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