Bērziņš reached the semi-finals of the PK stage from a distance of 1,500 meters – archyde

Reinis Bērziņš On Thursday, Debrecen entered the World Cup short course in the semi-finals of the third stage over a distance of 1,500 meters.

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On Thursday, Bērziņš overcame two rounds of the competition. He was second in the pre-flight, in two minutes and 32.018 seconds. Only the South Korean Junem Seo Lee was lost. In the quarter-finals, Bērziņš reached the finish line in competition with six skaters, but was inappropriately delayed and received the disqualification of Canadian Stephen Dibua, which meant the appointment of a Latvian in the semifinals. Lee, who also ran in the quarterfinals, did not finish.

The second representative of Latvia Robert Kruzberg was also second in the pre-flight and covered the distance in two minutes and 17.013 seconds. Kruzberg was disqualified in the quarterfinals.

The third reported Latvian short tracker Andijs Vīgants did not start.

In the women’s race over this distance, Anna Jansone finished last in the competition of the six short track runners and spent two minutes and 36,424 seconds over the distance. She finished 53rd in the 63rd athlete competition.

The semi-final this distance takes place on Saturday.

Jansone was also last over the 500 meter distance and completed the distance in 46,502 seconds in the pre-flight competition of five athletes. She is ranked 54 of 62 shorts.

Both representatives of Latvia entered the next round of the men after the preliminary flight. Kruzberg finished second behind Shaoan Liu from Hungary and spent 41,341 seconds in the distance. In the first round of skating he was third behind Liu and Dibua, spent 41.187 seconds in the distance and was among the top four with third place in the quarterfinals.

Bērziņš was third in his preliminary flight in 41,341 seconds, but on the next lap he won six of the 17 fastest third places. He could not beat the first round. He covered the distance in 41,189 seconds and finished fourth in the five-athlete competition. This enabled him to skate for places behind his top twenties.

Vīgants was also reported at this distance, but not started.

The continuation of the race over 500 meters takes place on Friday.

The third round of the World Cup in Hungary will continue until Sunday.

The next stage in a week will be held in the Netherlands. In the 2022 World Cup stages, the athletes will fight for points Peking Qualification for the Olympic Games.


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