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In Ohio, police officers get more than 60 dedicated to firearms. If the law were to be passed, teachers would likely be dealing with a much smaller number.

Columbus, Ohio –
Doug Murillo is a gun expert and says firing a gun isn’t as easy as it looks.

“It’s muscle memory. It drives the continuous training that needs to take place, ”he tells Lydia Esparra of 3News.

Murillo is up to date on Ohio House Bill 99 and says if teachers are to be armed they need extensive training.

Earlier this year, Ohio Republicans tabled bill “expressly exempting those authorized to be armed within a security zone of a school from basic peace officer training to impose training and other requirements.” to a summary.

At today’s meeting of the Ohio House Criminal Justice Committee in Columbus, Rep. David Leland (D) added an amendment to the bill that “requires the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission to be the body that writes the rules for trainees who they have to complete ”. before they are allowed to carry a firearm within the school’s security zone. “

This means that the government, not the local school authorities, would be responsible for training armed teachers. However, after this change, instructors would not be required to complete the full peace officer training course in Ohio.

In Ohio, police officers receive more than 700 hours of training and 60 hours of firearms training. If the bill were passed, teachers would likely be able to cope with significantly fewer hours of training.

Murillo believes that when teachers are carrying guns, they must be one with the gun. Employees should be able to stay calm under pressure, he says, a trait that comes with training.

“It’s not like TV shows where you point and shoot and things happen,” says Murillo.

The bill was passed by committee Thursday and will be presented to the Ohio House of Representatives next week.


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